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Weekly Car Rental Dubai

Choose from our diverse range of vehicles for your Weekly Car Rental Dubai, including sedans, SUVs, and compact cars. We provide flexible options for daily and weekly rentals. Our fleet is well-maintained, ensuring a comfortable and reliable driving experience for your daily commute or city exploration.

Essential Weekly Car Rental Dubai: What Makes Weekly Car Rentals in Dubai Essential for Tourists and Residents Alike?

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Opting for a Weekly Car Rental Dubai saves significantly compared to daily rates, making it perfect for extended stays or frequent travellers. Enjoy discounted rates per day, maximizing your budget for other expenses.
  • Convenience: Having your vehicle provides unmatched flexibility to explore Dubai at your own pace, avoiding reliance on public transport or expensive taxis. Set your schedule, visit landmarks, or attend meetings hassle-free.
  • Comfort and Privacy: Renting a Car Weekly in Dubai Ensures Comfort and Privacy During Travel. Enjoy Solitude, Control the Temperature, and Play Your Favorite Music While Exploring the City

How Can Renting a Car Weekly in Dubai Enhance Your Travel Experience?


Dive into Dubai’s local life beyond tourist spots. Enjoy the freedom to explore diverse neighbourhoods at your leisure.


Craft Your Adventure with ‘Rent a Car Weekly in Dubai’: Liberty to Detour and Linger Wherever Possible. Enjoy Spontaneity on Your Journey, Whether It’s a Breathtaking Vista or a Roadside Eatery.

What Models are Available for Weekly Rental at Roll Rent a Car?

At Roll Rent a Car, you can find the following models available for weekly rental:










Land Rover




Rolls Royce



Why Choose Roll Rent A Car for Weekly Rentals in Dubai and UAE?

Roll Rent A Car stands out as the premier choice for weekly rentals in Dubai and the UAE for several compelling reasons:

Exceptional Value

Competitive rates with transparent pricing, no hidden fees. Trust that the price you see is the price you pay, ensuring peace of mind throughout your rental.

Reliable Service

Reliable Service: Top-quality vehicles meticulously maintained for optimal performance. Travel with confidence, knowing your rental is in excellent condition.

Customer Satisfaction

Our dedicated team ensures a seamless rental experience, offering personalized assistance and expert guidance. From vehicle selection to local insights, we go above and beyond for your satisfaction.

Experience the Ultimate Convenience with Roll Rent A Car

Elevate your Dubai experience with a Chevrolet Captiva rental from Roll Rent A Car. Contact us to reserve your vehicle and embark on a luxury, comfort, and convenience journey. Book your Weekly Car Rental Dubai Chevrolet Captiva rental in UAE today and experience the ultimate comfort and style with Roll Rent A Car.