Porsche Rental in Dubai

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What are the requirements for high-performance Porsche rental in Dubai?

Age Requirement

The primary renter must be at least 21, emphasizing maturity and driving experience as pivotal factors. This age threshold is standard across most rental companies, aiming to mitigate potential risks associated with younger drivers.

Valid Driving License

A valid driving license recognized in the UAE is mandatory. This prerequisite ensures that the renter possesses the essential skills and knowledge to navigate the roads of Dubai safely. Verifying the license’s validity is crucial for rental companies to confirm legal permission to operate a vehicle in the country.

Credit Card Necessity

  • Convenient payment method for rental fees and additional charges.
  • Acts as a security measure for the rental company in case of damages or other issues during the rental period.
  • It may be used for pre-authorization or security deposit purposes, allowing rental companies to cover potential expenses or damages and ensuring recourse if issues arise.

Additional Drivers

If additional drivers will operate the Porsche, they must adhere to the exact requirements as the primary renter:

  • Meeting age criteria.
  • Holding a valid driving license.
  • Provide credit cards for security purposes.

Ensuring all drivers meet these criteria underscores the rental company’s commitment to safety and responsible vehicle operation.

Is a Porsche Rental in Dubai Suitable for Business Use?

  1. Impress Clients: Arriving in a Porsche Rental in Dubai makes a statement, leaving a lasting impression on clients and colleagues. It sets the tone for meetings with an aura of excellence and attention to detail.
  2. Enhance Corporate Image: Opting for a Porsche rental showcases a commitment to quality and luxury, elevating your company’s image in the competitive Dubai business landscape emphasizing innovation and success.
  3. Comfort and Convenience: Our rental Porsches offer luxurious interiors equipped with advanced technology, providing a conducive environment for productive discussions and meetings on the move. They ensure comfort and convenience in the bustling city or on the highway.
Porsche Rental in Dubai - Roll Rent A Car
Porsche Rental in UAE - Roll Rent A Car

Does Roll Rent A Car Offer Airport Pickup and Drop-off Services for Porsche Rental in Dubai?

Airport Pickup

A professional chauffeur with a personalized sign awaits you at Dubai International Airport, ensuring a warm welcome and a smooth transition to your Porsche rental.

Airport Drop-off

We ensure a stylish and comfortable journey back to the airport, with punctual chauffeurs ready to assist.

Additional Fee

Please note that these services incur extra charges to cover logistics for seamless transitions.


With our dedicated team, you can enjoy ultimate convenience and peace of mind, whether travelling for business or leisure in Dubai.

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